How to Get a Premium Account For Free

How to Get a Premium Account For Free

One of the major barriers that the financially challenged might have is affording education.

**Raises, hand** is considered one of the more reputable online sources of online education or e-learning.

This is why I was so happy to find out and share with you that most of us can actually get for free.

If it wasn’t for what I’m about to show you, you might have to pay these prices:

price of
As of Aug/22/2018.

So if you’re struggling financially, that’s a huge financial barrier.

But if you are lucky enough, your local library offers you free access to learn from from your own home.

And the good thing is that most libraries across the United States and Canada offer this by simply getting a free library card. It’s the most legwork you should have to do.

Does Your Library Offer Free Access to

When I was searching to find out if my library had it, I simply searched for my library name and free

For example: ‘Kitchener public library’ +

My first result was actually a link that led me to their library portal page to use from home.

If after searching you have no luck, you should contact your local library and ask if they offer free at home access.

Obtain Your Library Card

To get a library card, you usually have to bring a form of ID and proof that you live at your specified address.

Something government issued, like Driver’s License is usually all that is needed. But you can usually find the information online on your libraries’ website or by calling them.

Using At Home

All you have to do is visit and click on Sign In, below the login area there is a link that says, ‘Sign In With Your Organizational Portal’, click that.

From there you just enter the URL (web address) of your library organization. In my case, I type in ‘’ and click on continue.

Since it’s your first time, you will not already have a password, so you’ll need to click on the ‘create a profile’ button.

You’ll be prompted to enter your library card number and to create a password. PLEASE DO NOT LOSE YOUR PASSWORD. Otherwise you’ll need to call the support team to reset it.

Now What?

I suggest you visit and browse the first page that you are brought to after logging in. Their learning paths are a great way to really dive into a subject you might be interested in. Those learning paths are accessible from their top menu bar under ‘LIBRARY’. However, if you are just looking at upgrading a skill, or learning a specific skill, then just do a search for it at the top of

If you use LinkedIn you can then add your completed courses to your list of accomplishments on your public resume/profile.

One really good feature is that most videos on have closed-captioning, so you can easily follow along without actually having to listen, or if you have a hearing impairment.

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