Live Life Engaged

My 2 Rules

I see life changing, it’s turning into pretty pictures and sad lives. With more time spent inside instead of out. We spend too much of our time with an active brain, and no down time. Constantly plugged in, we are never switched off.

Our attention spans are shorter than a goldfish. And that harms us in so many ways because life will pass us by and we will miss opportunities,  interactions and special moments that might never happen again.

So I’m saying, we need to live life engaged. That’s rule #1. That means never stop exploring, reading, traveling or changing your perspective. Keep creating new things and experiences and challenging yourself. Never stop learning or growing as a person.

Rule #2 is to always be yourself. That means being authentic to who you are, but understanding that who you are might change in your life and that it is still you too. Remember, there will always be haters no matter what you do or how you live your life. So love yourself like only you can.

If I had to make a #3rd rule, it would be to always lead with empathy. Why? Because empathy unites us rather than divides us. It helps us see other perspectives and sometimes changes our own. Empathy makes us better people. It makes the world a better place. I know that empathy is not something someone can bear 24/7, but whenever someone or something challenges you try empathy first.

So really, what is this site about?

It’s about reminding you and me to live our lives more engaged and to embrace life as a wonderful playground of experiences and perspectives.

It’s here to remind you to be you – to be relentlessly you. So in this world of copy-cats, and formula’s that it’s still okay to go your own way. To create with abandon, to fail, learn and grow in full view of the world.

What you can expect?

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See you on the inside…

Lisa H.