Hi, I’m Lisa.

All of my life, I always wanted to create a business.

This was because it was always about having financial autonomy.

Little did I know that later on in my life, I would be forced to do so for the sake of my sanity and my personal mental and financial health.

Through a series of downward spirals, I have a complicated mess of chronic pain, mental health issues, and other physical issues that are to this day still being investigated.

I have had several goes at building a blog, but nothing was as important to me as helping others. I had to figure out in which way I could help others.

Because of where I find myself in life, I feel that I am best suited to help those who have chronic illnesses and deal with chronic pain. Through a mixture of anger, frustration, and love, I want nothing more for others dealing with similar issues to be able to create a business, so they can have financial autonomy and work/life balance.

Through understanding my passion to lift other people up from their personal life circumstances. This blog was born.

The purpose of this blog is to help you find and¬†create your own lifestyle business, (that is a business that is created around you and your personal limitations and strengths). It’s also to help remind us to¬†maintain the balance that we need with ourselves to be our personal best for our families, friends, and business.

This blog is a business in growth, so will you rise with me?