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You should expect more from your email.

You receive many emails a day and most are noise and not really needed or wanted. I want you to receive an email that is truly useful.

The Nourisher newsletter is about feeding your soul. Its about finding the unexpected, learning something new and feeling something great.

You can expect:

  • The best articles I've read on the web.
  • Any of the latest articles I've written.
  • Book recommendations
  • New music tracks discovered.
  • A featured quote, maybe a few.

Realistically, this newsletter is for hungry minds and thirsty ears.

How often?:

You can expect it at least once a month, and no more than once a week.


I spend a large portion of my time on the web. I read a lot, I write a lot. I love to share with others awesome things. I truly want to make other people love and enjoy their lives more.

What's in it for me?:

Assuming you are are talking about money, I might end up making some money off any affiliates that I recommend through my newsletter, usually through book recommendations or music. But, I will never recommend something for profits sake, only because I truly feel whatever I'm recommending has value.

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