Disease Funnels Infographic

The Disease Funnels of our Medical System

Say you get diagnosed with a disease, the doctor says okay, here’s what you can do.

He prescribes a pill. You take them. It works for a while, but then you acquire another odd issue.

You get diagnosed with another disease, the doctor says okay, here’s another pill for you.

You take these two pills now, and again a year or two later you get another disease. The cycle repeats itself because the doctor is treating the symptom and not the problem.

Soon you’re taking a handful of pills and you only feel okay. Underneath it, disease processes are taking hold, because we have pills to prevent the pain or the ills that bothered us. The problems though are still getting worse.

Doctor’s are in the business of prescribing pills and have long forgotten how to actually help us get better. They may have chosen to give up because they aspired to make people better, only to find out the medical system is rigged to funnel us into different pill channels. We further continue to be funneled into a specific set of metabolic diseases, such as hypertension, high cholesterol, heart disease, and type-2 diabetes. All because ‘hey, we got a pill for that’.

Unless you get diagnosed with an auto-immune disease and in that case, doctors can only offer symptomatic help or prescribe to you an immune-system suppressant.

The options for auto-immune issues can often be worse than the actual issue. Psoriasis — considered an auto-immune disease is considered ‘incurable’ and it causes your skin to constantly rebuild itself leaving you with red and often flaky skin. If you think dandruff is bad, imagine all of you giving off dandruff? And it hurts too. They offer creams usually infused with steroids which have a host of problems. When it comes to whether or not you can take a pill for it, it comes down to pills such as Enbrel or Remicade. These drugs are prescribed because they dial down your immune system and they actually make you more susceptible to life-threatening illnesses because your immune defense is down. Hello, early death.

Given the poor options that are available, it’s no wonder we often seek out something that is natural or alternative.

If you happen to take these drugs, eventually, your body is so out of whack that it cannot maintain homeostasis (optimal balance and function).  Doctor’s then look for ways to patch the holes, which only create new ones.

If you are into your 20s or 30s and have not yet been prescribed a pill for something long-term, I am so happy for you. But diet plays a role and the effect that it has depends on how well our genetics were at first, to combat, or hide from you any underlying issues of having a diet that is pretty much devoid of good nutrients. It might actually be a good thing if your body starts to tell you there are problems earlier than others. Some people’s body symptoms don’t show until it too late.

But at some point, in order to maintain a working human, your body may actually rob good things from itself. You need calcium to survive, not only do you need it for your bodily functions but it’s required for your bones. Eventually, your body decides that some other process or function is more important than your bones. It then proceeds to take calcium from them to put towards something that was considered more important. One of the main issues of drinking cola is that the caffeine and phosphoric acid leaches calcium and blocks it from absorbing in your digestive tract.

If you are put on pills, this robbing process happens faster. Omeprazole (Prilosec) has a nasty way of making your body unable to actually use the nutrients that you consume, it cannot be utilized, as the acid that your stomach makes, contributes to your ability to absorb nutrients. Many people on Omeprazole end up iron-deficient and unable to properly maintain strong bones. We are just at the cusp of this becoming more well known to the general public. Hello, osteoporosis.

When it comes to dealing with our health issues non-medically, we come up with many theories and so it might go like this.

Biologists think it’s our genetics, and microbiologists think it’s our microbes. The thought might be, take some probiotics (beneficial bacteria).

Some chemists, think it’s our specific chemistry. Maybe you are too acidic and not alkaline enough.

Psychologists may think our mind is the problem. That we are bombarded by toxic thinking and bad mental health. While an otherwise average person might just chalk it up to stress.

Whatever our background though, we come up with our own theories of why our health sucks.

Moderation is key, they say. Kind of hard when practically everything is corn, soy, wheat, sugar or rice?

Go paleo, or go vegan, or go paleo-vegan or go lectin-free. I’m going to lose my mind. Do I need multiple science degrees to fix what ails me?

I believe the key, and thankfully this is starting to happen more — is the need for people who have varied but in-depth knowledge in several sciences to put us back together again. This goes to point out that no longer is specialization the only way to make a living, in fact, being varied in what you learn could help us bridge the gap between and metaphorically put ‘Humpty’ back together again.

We already see the convergence of biology and technology. In BioTech, and whether that is a good or bad thing really depends on how you view it and how it’s applied.

The truth is usually that every aspect of our health matters, but being able to put the pieces together in a logical way, that explains why everything is happening and how we can fix it is getting very much closer than it ever was before.

We know that too much sugar, too much cola, too many carbs, too much fat or too many of anything almost always leads to a problem down the road. But we often, to deal with our lives, have a vice, or a crutch that we use to medicate us from the stress in our lives. More often than not people have jobs that are not emotionally fulfilling or even give them purpose.

We need a purpose in our lives now, so much more than we ever did. Survival was enough for a long time. We now need more than survival, we need to live and to explore and experience new things.

How do we tie in our bodies chemistry while also considering our microbiome, along with learning about they way lectins mimic other proteins in our body and cause your body to unintentionally attack itself? How do we tie this in with our mental health and the needs of our mind or soul?

Sometimes we can fix the problems that ail us, but sometimes to get to the real heart of the matter you need to go through extensive testing to figure out your exact reason. In Canada, it’s difficult to get your doctor to test you for what you want. In the US, you can but only if you pay out of pocket. Even then, if we do find out what exactly it is that we need to do to have better health will the difficulty of the ‘cure’ be too much to handle, emotionally, physically or financially?





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