Writing is the best way to be paid for being perennially curious

Hi, I’m Lisa.

Most of my 20s I struggled to figure out what I should do for a living, then life decided for me in not the nicest way that making money on my own was the only way.  Gaining and keeping traditional employment was almost impossible.

The problem was, I was still stuck on how or what I should do.

Being an entrepreneur is a difficult task for most, and even harder for those with a limited energy supply. But I had to do it if I wanted to become self-sufficient.

Not long ago, I came upon the idea of writing. For most, being a writer conjures up the mental image of a starving artist.

At first, it’s also what I thought of. But as I ventured into the idea further I realized that the possibilities of being paid to write — were actually plenty.

You might draw a blank when first thinking about the ways you can get paid to write, but then it becomes clearer as you dig deeper that there are many areas you can specialize in.

For example:

  • You could be passionate about health, you spend your days reading books and blogs about new ways to be healthy, new exercises to try and even new discoveries being made in science.
  • What if you love being able to write persuasively, being able to psychologically hype people up and make them psyched about something.  That’s a kind of writing called copywriting.
  • What if you love the concept of branding, building authority and thought leadership? Businesses pay good money for well-written articles on these subjects.
  • What if you are really good at writing about your emotions, sharing stories about struggles with mental health or a chronic illness?  Mental health is a hot-topic with more awareness being raised about it, more people are now looking for information and insight.

For me, writing is the ultimate career choice.  I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up, but I knew that I had a passion to dig deep into subjects.

Learning for a living is my passion.  Writing is how I’m choosing to get paid.

Being a writer is only the tip of the iceberg, because as you learn more and get deep about other subjects through the course of your writing journey — you may discover new ways you can get paid to do things that you had no idea you could even be paid to do.

Come join me on my journey.