What makes people truly ugly? It’s not how you look.

Most of us have been called ugly

I’ve been called ugly when I was young, but a lot of people were made fun of in grade school.  It really hurts, because it really hits you at your core.  We realize it’s usually about the fact that we are quiet (in my case), or the fact that some other kid only knows how to pick on someone who doesn’t talk.  Big challenge there for the bully.  All I’d do is cry, and I guess that is what they wanted.  But really, they were little dicks and hopefully they learned as they got older that little dicks usually turn out to be assholes, and assholes don’t have any real friends.

Ugliness is really not about how you look, but how you act

But we grow up, and by virtue of who we feel repulsed by we realize being ugly is more about a piss poor attitude, desperation and finding an opportunity to put someone down every chance you get.  You know, we all have physical imperfections so it’s not hard for a dick, to find something to be a dick about.  Truthfully speaking, a person becomes ugly more by the things they do, rather then by what they look like.

Other thoughts on “ugly people”

In my mind, a person who is creepy is ugly, and a creepy person is someone who does not know how to connect with someone, so they express stalking type behavior, they say things that imply way more comfort level with the person then has been granted by the other person.

In addition to being creepy, another type of behavior that makes people ugly is desperation.  They chase after every available piece of ass on the market, they compliment them, put them on a pedestal and then when the person they like, tells them that their behavior is a bit much, they act like they are better then you and put you down.  These people remind me of the gum stuck on the bottom of your shoe, you try to scrape it off, but they still leave a bit of their ugliness everywhere.

Don’t be desperate, love yourself first.

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